UBS Offers Enterprise Server Solutions for cloud-based services

You can choose from either a multi-tenanted and or a completely private cloud solution.
A Multi-tenanted Solution means you are maybe sharing server and storage infrastructure with other Companies. Even though the infrastructure is shared, rest assured the digital partitions between different Organisations are entirely segregated and locked down. UBS is up to date with all the Industry Compliance Standards when it comes to housing Multi-tenanted Cloud-Based Solutions.

A UBS Private Cloud is deployed when some of our Clients requirements are to have a completely dedicated system. Some of our Clientele today have this requirement due to a particular industry standard or just because they feel more comfort in not having to share their Environment with anyone else. With the Private Cloud option, UBS is happy to house the Clients infrastructure either in one of our secure Data Centres anywhere in Australia or have the Infrastructure left in the Clients onsite Data Centres. Having localised Engineers makes it very easy for us to Manage these systems based on either option.

Our capability covers all aspects of Cloud Deployment including

Working at an Enterprise level, you need to ensure your data and network are safe and secure; United Business Solutions only use top tier infrastructure and data centre partners within Australia. We adhere to the highest “Industry Standard” Data Centre Compliance levels recognised nationally.

Using United Business Solutions as an Enterprise Integration Solutions Partner, you will have access to other skill sets we can potentially assist you with. These include services like Enterprise Networking and Security, Backups, Disaster Recovery, Data Retention Services, as well as Enterprise Storage and Replication.


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