When your business is migrating or upgrading its network or data, you need to ensure you are in safe hands. UBS has been in business for over 17 years.

Since 2002 we have assisted significant banking and government services successfully move and migrate outdated hardware and software, enabling them to move to newer technology safely. Some of the industries we worked across are.

A UBS Private Cloud is deployed when some of our Clients requirements are to have a completely dedicated system. Some of our Clientele today have this requirement due to a particular industry standard or just because they feel more comfort in not having to share their Environment with anyone else. With the Private Cloud option, UBS is happy to house the Clients infrastructure either in one of our secure Data Centres anywhere in Australia or have the Infrastructure left in the Clients onsite Data Centres. Having localised Engineers makes it very easy for us to Manage these systems based on either option.

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