United Business Solutions offers a comprehensive range of cloud options for legacy systems including: Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure and your own private cloud.

Customers can chose to have a private or public cloud based solution, where the equipment and software is on your site, and owned by your company, or a public shared cloud resource, where the total cost structure is based on your usage and performance objectives.

Our capability covers all aspects of Cloud Deployment including

Analysis of technical outcomes when migration to a cloud environment is being consideredPlanning and executing the migration from a Physical Legacy server environment to the cloud (P2C)Analysis of the benefits and technical outcomes for alternative cloud options, platforms & providersProviding ongoing software support for the hardware virtualisation software in the cloud

Virtual DEC VAXVirtual DEC OpenVMS AlphaVirtual DEC Tru64 UNIX AlphaVirtual PDP11Virtual HP3000 and HP9000Virtual Sun Sparc Solaris

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